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  • I remembered your old profile wall picture and saw it (her) on the case for "WET" at the store. I just had to pick up the game and it's been fun.

    Rubi Malone FTW
    70 E-Amp 12 Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Attachments (Vol. I) (14)
    98 Gullaldr Shades (M) 1 0.50 PED STORAGE
    130 Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Material Textures (Vol. I) (111)

    4 ped for all ? good offer? when we could meet ?
    var lite mer än chatten i updaten du :D men chatten ser bättre ut nu tycker jag :) och det går att jaga normalt igen eftersom man kan se hur många skot man har kvar nu :)
    sweet :D
    im making some kind of "database" of all good dnb, dub and breakcore tracks i find at liquicity, liquidmospheric etc...
    and about the art, i think he has a deviantart page himself..
    Check my new avatar ... still an old one i made for my .gif Avi but i can't use animated Avatar anymore :(
    Hope it is a good one!

    Hello Mika, i woud like to become your disciple. I stopped playing entropia a few years ago due to certain circumstances, but now was able to return and dragged my brother with me. I didn't get much about the game back then cause i couldn't get a good mentor, so atm i'm lvl 16 in laser sniper hit that doesn't know much about the game. xD I'm 20 yo (male), from Moscow (GMT+3) and play in the evening from around 20:00 to 01:00. Going to deposit regularly, dunno how much though. What i want from you is mostly information/advice may be some little help in some tough things, but have no idea what i can offer you other then any type of help i can provide and some chit-chat. Hope you'll take me :p

    PS: Zaraki pwns all xD
    PSS: Nickname in game Arkad WanKai Mosk
    Thanks sweetie i been out of town so i decided to pop in here and see what's new and i had two visitor posts from you!!!!! i FEEL LOVED :shower: lol ill be back later in the week to chat some more have a good xmas :D
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