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Jul 26, 2006

Introducing TWEN Token​

In the upcoming Entropia Universe version update, we're introducing the TWEN Token, lootable from any creature across Entropia Universe!

With the TWEN Tokens, you can buy TWEN Edition items! You'll be able to use the TWEN Token to buy these items from a TWEN Trader! One TWEN Trader will be available on each planet, which offers different planet-specific TWEN items. TWEN Tokens and TWEN Edition items bought from the TWEN Trader are tradeable.

Items from the TWEN Token Traders are in limited supply and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Throughout the remaining TWEN Event, you will be able to continue enjoying the unique robot spawns. Let's continue celebrating Entropia Universe 20th anniversary!!

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Hello! We'd like to provide you with additional information about the TWEN Token:
  1. Higher-level mobs have a greater chance of dropping TWEN tokens.
  2. TWEN tokens will continue to drop throughout the remaining duration of TWEN.
selling mod nano 1 mil ped, gangster price
Thank you. Finally on month 9 they are adding what they should have added month 1 lol

Question is, will it be too little too late and will they have somehow messed up this mechanic by just phoning it in lol

.... Or did they fix all the complaints and issues that plagued FEN tokens (like them all being 1 ped). Traders on each planet is a good start.

I'm intrigued.
Is this starting right now or after the VU next week?
Glad you listened to your player's suggestion, better late then never lol

The ability to choose the TWEN items from a vendor and the utility of looting and selling a token for highest markup is the core of RCE. This is what the players want. We want to loot, buy / sell and choose our items.

Im a miner, and to be fair... there might be something for miners. How do you know there isnt?
Well, they are not mentioned. It would be weird if there is separate system for mining but maybe I'm wrong
Well, they are not mentioned. It would be weird if there is separate system for mining but maybe I'm wrong
Nor did they mention hunters or crafters. Lets see what happens before we get all outraged :D.
TWEN Tokens ... bought from the TWEN Trader are tradeable.

Buy TWEN Tokens from trader for TWEN Tokens to trade them for TWEN Tokens to buy TWEN items for TWEN Tokens.

Planet specific items in the vendors also? Very interesting
Great :) Let's go pewpewpew
This is great news.

The only problem I have is that even hard core hunters can't collect tokens faster than big wallets can buy them, so people who want to grind for an item to use are outpaced by those just wanting to get the item to make a profit.

Maybe have the token lose 25% value when traded :)

Won't happen this late in the day but in FEN it was annoying to watch all the items disappear even though I could have collected enough tokens for them over the time of the event.
You can't buy if no one is selling.
Every man has his price

If those tokens end up being as plentiful as EUTs but go for 50p apiece i guarantee you people will be selling them as soon as they drop unless they think they have a chance at getting something

I HOPE what happens is that the vendors have enough stock that everyone will be able to get something they wanted eventually

I am CONCERNED that the opposite might be true....a small stock leads to FOMO which leads to people buying up stuff to speculate on it, which would suck

Proof is in the pudding
Better late than never!