Loot Tracker Tool

Only see from drop list Mayhem MF-Amplifier Alpha (L), can you include the rest or at least Delta?
All is working as it should
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Any plans to get it working with windows 11?
Any plans to get it working with windows 11?
Yup, it should work for windows 11, just a disclaimer that windows 11 isn't supported as I don't have a local dev environment to test against.
great software !! well done!!

couple of suggestions / future additions:

1) mining loot / mining tool decay (optional exclusion from returns via tick box etc)
- excavator decay based on pulled mineral count
- finder decay based on claim found ? (make it an option due to below issue )
- issue: no claim does not show up in log; maybe find a workaround later, or manual probe runs input
- make it an option to include / exclude mining loot in return calculation , manual input of probes drop

2) blueprint loadout is buggy, once chosen have to re-choose to add additional runs,
- suggest similar to weapon loadout, selectable favourite bps loadout
- optional quick menu selection (not very important)

3) healing tool decay ,
- add heals costs based on each heal line in log
- add heal tool load out , same as weapon load out
- issue: being heal by others, but sure can count as additional cost to pay a healer etc
- multi-active heal tool option etc, restoration vs normal heal vs DOT heals vs pill heals
- this is very complicated, dun stress

4) suggestion for pills costs , based on logs message
- tad bit more complicated
- optional
- manual costs addition

5) Total kill != total loot,
- suggest a separate kill counter on the stream info ? optional ?

6) novelty statistics on stream ui / additional ui
- being killed , death counter for statistical fun
- dmg received etc
- misses / dodges etc
** loved the streamer ui, suggest optional selections to customised text for those who cant do code
eg: total loot (tick / untick) would display or not display that particular field
suggestion for fields
- total loot , total spends , total return
- mining loot , craft loot , hunt loot (as above optional tick so different profession can choose to display whatever field they want )
- death count / misses / dodges / efficiency / kd ratio / accuracy / crit dmg and %s etc (brain dead)
- heal statistics etc

7) very complicated addition for dual weapon / triple weapon (experimental)
- damage ranges determine which gun was used (from selectable active loadout ) (a separate loadout function / option , ticked for active, untick for not used)
- examples, (current loadout selection is perfect, maybe a popup quick menu for fast manual select and/or)
* add up to 5 optional "active option tick" for active load out
* when dmg done is within specific ranges , automatically add decay of that active gun chosen based on damage done
- this allows players who uses different guns in a fight to get a more accurate result, without having to manually change weapon loadout constantly.
*** note: critical dmg may upset this balance, not sure if critical dmg is easily noted.
additional notes; after reading some comments on issues encountered with dual weapons
+ gun 1: 10 to 20 dmg
+ gun 2: 40 to 80 dmg
+ knife3 : 15 to 30 dmg
* constantly changing weapon would fk this up but if
= memory 1 last shot/melee dmg done
= memory 2 last shot/melee dmg done
= memory 3 last shot/melee dmg done
if gun2 , evade1, gun2, gun2, evade2,evade3, gun1, gun1, evade4, knife3
55.2,evade1,70.2,44.1,evade2,evade3,15.5,19.9, evade4, 27.1
* evade1 would count towards gun 2 decay cost (because based on memory1 and 2) the dmg is gun2 damage, therefore evade encountered here should be gun2
*evade2 is tricky as it could be gun1 or gun2, so is evade3,evade4
*in this case, i would suggest basing the evade decay off the previous memory or the larger decay of the 2,
-- better to have worse return as an offset to other costs like armor decay, than to have a false sense of higher return,
-- in case of double evade, one could average it between gun1 and gun 2 (just an optional thought, but i rather have it as a previously recorded gun dmg decay )
-- evade4 supposed was knife, but count it as gun1's evade (or which ever has a higher decay)
-- this only messes up if the player changes weapon every 1 or 2 shots
-- over the long run on bigger mobs this should not be a huge issue
** the big problem here is determining whether knife3 damage here belongs to gun1 or knife3
-- see if the dmg was between 20 to 30 ,, it would be knife 3 for sure
-- but it the dmg was 15 to 20, it could be knife3 or gun1
-- thus in this case the memory again plays a part, if the last 3 memory was 70.2, 44.1, 15.5,
-- this next dmg 19.9 , falls into gun1 and knife3
-- i would suggest deducting the higher decay of the 2
one could build a "correction script" after this, 1 additional float to record the last decay to be added,
so instead of total decay = total decay + knife3 decay (assuming it is the larger decay of the 2)
if the next dmg is 14.4, then the last result, of 15.5 must be gun1 and not knife3
in this case the typical total decay should be displayed as,
total confirmed decay = current decay (at the end of the next iteration) but meanwhile to display the current

current decay = total confirmed decay + new decay ( i reviewed i think this code is wrong, but again brains too messed up right now)
memory decay = current decay
if next decay is of 14.4 , then previous decay is wrong
hence a correction
current decay = total confirmed decay + current decay
if the previous decay is correct then
current decay = total confirmed decay +memory decay
cycle count = +1

if cyclecount = 1 then total confirmed decay = current decay ; cyclecount = 0

brains abit mush at this hours, but u get the idea,
but ofcourse all these are avoided, if the gun1 , gun 2 , gun 3 activated loadouts have non intersecting dmg ranges

* remember to add dmg enhancer dmg ( suggest to display i the load out, min and max dmg with dmg enhancers and or amps
* long story short, basically, dont add the current decay to the main decay total, let it sit in memory for 1 or 2 cycles
* so for the next decay / next 2 decay use 2 additional variables and display it as an addition of 3 variables
* only after confirming the next cycle, then we change the main total decay to reflect the final tally

8) team mode, counter for team loot separate analysis ? optional

i know some of the suggestions are very complicated, in terms of coding and calculations, i would help if i could, but i am lazy hehe, and i not very good at it but i sure can edit some codes

please do not stress over this suggestions, they are merely suggestions and probably good to have,

you have done an excellent job already .. keep it up !!

i'll add more suggestions when i come across them

9) refined items shouldnt add to loot :p - for those who refuse to reset the run sessesion :p
or but make it a option, due to crafting returned loot tho, so that during hunting, it can be set to not include, but during crafting set to include

10 ) also maybe add the option to "delete" mistaken loot from the list, as an option to clean it off the total return or a tick option, to include or exclude in the computation of total return , also maybe a search or sort by tabs function, on the loot list

11) items looted from boxes , counted towards it as well .. ( for those who want to keep a running total session over a few days)
-- i used the ep 3 bp as a manual means of offseting the "return"
-- each 1 ep 3 = 2 ped .. , if you deposite 500 ped from opening boxes..
-- just add 500 ped worth of run to bring the total return back to normal
-- same goes for armor decay , u can use this method to add the costs
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Hi i love the loot nany. But i just charge wep to hero twen and cant use nany becos wep not exist. If ass the new twen weps wod be awsome 🤘

You can add your weapons by modifying the weapons.json file. Just copy a different item and modify the values, make sure the structure remains intact
Can you update the welding wire BP in the program? Its got new materials added now.
you have bp cost at 100% so it ads 1pec bp cost per try u have to change it to 0 and then u only have material cost
Updated to version 0.0.11: https://github.com/euloggeradmin/LootNanny/releases/tag/beta-0.0.11

  • Added TWEN weapons
  • Enabled Custom Weapon with both custom Weapon Decay and Ammo Burn (for users with >100 attacks/min or those with Weapons not in Wiki or supported currently)
  • Some smaller fixes to config parsing and error handling
  • Added support for Economy Enhancers.
A note that this may garble old config files as I've restructured the config file a little: Will keep runs intact, but may need to recreate loadouts after the change (or clear your config.json if you run into issues).
I think DPS would be nice addition.
been using it on Windows 11 for months without any issue, it is supported.
explosives weapons dun work well with loot tracker :p
there needs to some kind of delay on the thing ,
if an explosive weapon is loaded in the profile
a timer must come into play for number of hits..
e.g within say a 1 second time frame since the last kill message, all following message must only count for 1 instance of firing within that 1 second
since most explsove weapons takes about 1 to 2 seconds to fire , this shuld do nicely
Hi, I wanted to try the software, but I get this error message: "Failed to obtain/convert traceback!" when i launch LootNanny-0.0.11.exe

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If you've previously run an earlier version: first thing to try would be to delete your config file in %appdata%/local/EULogger and runs. Otherwise what version of windows are you running?
If you've previously run an earlier version: first thing to try would be to delete your config file in %appdata%/local/EULogger and runs. Otherwise what version of windows are you running?

Thank you for your answer.

Indeed when I delete the configuration file, as you told me, the software restarts.
But if I cut the software, to launch it again, the same error message comes back. However, deleting the Configuration.json file solves the problem.

Windows 10 Family 64.
Im having problem with the autoscreenshot function. My globals arent inside the dolument/global folder. Appreciate advise on what i can do.
Hi im having the same problem as other people

I download only one version the 0.0.11

I open the exe, no matter what I do if i close it I cannot reopen it I have to delete config. even if I open the exe do nothing and close it I have to delete the config otherwise it wont start. I deleted the exe and deleted EUlogger, nothing works
What are the differences between the three versions? It probably explains it in the quick start guide, but it's been 404 for a while now.
Hi, got a funny error :) When I try to change screenshot directory by typing in the nape, it will create a directory for each change I make, so I ended up with tens of folders created with names like s, ss, ssh, ssho, ssshot :)
Hoping this is the right thread for this issue, but i had a name change in game recently and did update it on the tracker tool, but since it has only counted 1 global in the tool and only screenshot 3 of them which 2 of were several seconds (maybe even a minute after) not sure if this is a bug or not as i have deleted the app and reinstalled hoping that would help but it didnt as i just had another global which was counted or screenshot but the loot was calculated thanks in advance for any help on this issue (BTW excellent app) :)
LootNanny sometimes misses loot. This is a known issue. :(
Aside from this, you could check your System resources, e.g. if your RAM is full or something. LootNanny is quite resource hungry when running for a longer period. I also experienced lags when the logfile was getting too big. So make sure to start a new one every now and then.
your nanny does not work correctly)