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Apr 12, 2021
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Nanashana Nana Itsanai
Hey All,

I'd like to introduce you to Loot Nanny(tm). An app I've created to help comprehensively track your hunting runs. It is entirely powered by the chat.log that the game outputs, with no requirement on screenreading or OCR.

The tool is 100% free and open source. I'm planning on putting up a web frontend to upload your runs into and provide a more comprehensive place to aggregate mob loot data. Feel free to smash that donate button on the app - spending quite a lot of time building this out!

It also comes with a handy steaming overlay that lets you see your returns in-game (note: run satisfaction not guaranteed!)


  • Global & HOF screenshotting
  • Easy configuration: Hooks up with the wiki for ammo burn and decay calculations.
  • Skill gain tracking
  • Enhancer break tracking per hunting trip
  • Damage, crit and miss rate and dpp calculations.
  • Full graphing of tt return over time, coupled with individual loot instance event scatter plotting.
  • Individually track and save runs, with a full breakdown of what was looted.
  • Streamer view
  • Basic markup support

  • Integrate armour decay + healing decay with dpp calculations.
  • More analysis tooling
  • Ability to track creature loots and loot compositions.
  • Web frontend for storage of loots and further in-depth analysis over all your runs.
  • Mining / Crafting modes
Some screenshots of how everything currently fits together: Needs some polish in areas, but the overall skeleton of the tool is there!

Version 0.0.7:
Download Link: https://github.com/euloggeradmin/LootNanny/releases

Known Issues:
  • There seems to be a random case where a particular loot row won't be tracked - accurate otherwise. Also looking into it.
  • Windows 7 users may need to use the p3_7_1 executable due to issues running python3.9 on windows 7
  • Windows 11 is currently unsupported

If you encounter any bugs or issues feel free to reply here, on the main EU discord (https://discord.gg/usRx5t6R2F) or open an issue on the github.
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It looks pretty dope for early prototype. I'm also eager to test it. A suggestion I would make:
For melee users we often use taggers so if the program could have a hotkey place where you can input each of your weapons and set the hotkey you use for it. Then the program would be able to detect when you press that hotkey and change the cost per shot/slash in real time so you have accurate tracking. Not sure how it can track heal over time or damage over time stuff though.
I am a volunteer to test the tool.
If you set a download link, pretty sure we'll be many to try it out 😇👍
I'll give it a run too :)
Happy to test as well. I run a very detailed log myself by hand and would be interested to see how this compares in accuracy. Happy to provide feedback if needed.
I would like to test that one too :)
I would like to test it out too, looks very usefull.
Can't wait to try it out!
Look foward for Public Beta
It is reported as: Win64:Trojan-gen
Interesting, my system didn't pick anything up.. even though I expected it to pick up something because of the programs nature to read other files as they update
It's open source so if you want to be "careful" just run it from source.
You need to install a few of python packages.
I needed:
"pip install PyQt5 pyqtgraph tailer win_unicode_console"

I have experienced that python projects packaged into exe files are flagged by a lot of antiviruses.
Can't guarantee it's a false positive but I would guess so.

@Nanashana Great work BTW! I like that you use Python and that you publish it open source! Will play with it during the weekend :)
Hi, nice one. Was wondering which file i should select for tracking, in donfiguration tab? Thanks
If you can provide the screenshot from your antivirus report I can take a look as to why that's happening.
It is reported as: Win64:Trojan-gen

If anyone wants to build the executable from source you'll need to run: (once you've setup python and the other dependencies)

python -m pip install pyinstaller

And then

pyinstaller.exe --onefile --windowed LootNanny.spec

And it will generate the .exe file in the newly created dist folder
Hi, nice one. Was wondering which file i should select for tracking, in donfiguration tab? Thanks

You need to enable chat logging in the in-game options, and then navigate to your Documents/Entropia Universe/ folder and select the chat.log file that's now being populated by the game