Trifle still here


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Mar 15, 2006
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Suzanne Trifle Gizmos
Hey peeps,

Just a general message as I see no one online from my soc online or any other important persons to me, but few.

I havent logged in for months, I know I dissapeared from the game all of a sudden, unfortunately covid seems to do such a thing. Anyway I am alive but not yet kicking, so dont throw me out of soc hehe or think I left EU

Will be picking up my medical services very very slooooowwwwwly. After four months I finally get medical help to recover, thus I need to train stuff and lie a LOT in bed. Anyway if one likes me for service or just a chat, try me through skype/whatsapp.

Sorry to my disciple I left you all of a sudden and sorry to my ingame friends whom I dont chat outside game for dissapearing on you.

Now all lets party! And enjoy the summer event!1

I hope you get better soon and can get back to enjoy EU.

Stay strong :)
I hope for a speedy recovery and back up playing EU soon. :)
stay strong, trif :love:
welcome back and get well soon:beerchug:
Heya hun!

glad to hear from ya, we miss you!
When the time is right, we will be waiting for you in bluechat!! :)

Stay strong Trif!
Feel better soon! This pandemic sucks.
4 years too late.. but welcome back :giggle: