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  • Med tanke på senaste Hussk resultatet lär det dröja innan de kör igen tyvärr :/
    Yeah, I've had the link to the infamous kneecap incident on my sig for a while. Unless we rememeber and remind others, it will all happen again. Hope the turn of phrase I used on the link was enjoyable. :)
    You nutbar ... hope you're enjoying the benefits of your stay ... seems like it. :) Hope you get well soon and are back in the game ... of life, and EU. And thanks again. :)
    Hey johan, thanks for your continued support of the ZBS. Simon and I are sad to see it go, however the interest dropped to a point where we can't continue on without more heavy losses.

    Good luck to you buddy :)

    PS: Sorry about DCing in the middle of the event yesterday, but there was a big power outage where I lived for a few hours :(
    johan, I don't know about a RT reunion hunt but I've even thought about running another RT themed 'Win an Apartment' competition (there are more than enough RT songs for that)...thing though is I reckon more than a few people in here must be sick to their back teeth of me posting RT songs. ;)

    Been busy in RL, Keep thinking of getting back into EU. I have tried getting my clan to try EU but none of them will. Will have to login tonight once kids in bed. will br round 9ish
    Dot got mentioned because he and i agreed he would leave our events alone..He decided to berak his word becuase i dont care for meckoids. I have asked him over and over to do his thing and well do ours and wed both stay out. I guess he decided that his agreement doesnt count and he can do as he wishes. Roadkill if you are his friend fine. But when someone makes an agreement i expect him to do so. He asker us not mention him in game or on radio and we agreed and havnt. Now that he has shown he cant keep an agreement i suppose we dont have one anymore. He just cant help himself i suppose.
    yo dawg I herd you liek cat, so we put a cat on your cat so you could liek cat while you lieking cat
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