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  • Hey Bagman, Ialso met you at the GO3 Expo, just sending you a messge reporting that I have decended into the jaws of EU and so far so good. Waiting to get my new computer so I can fully experience the game, present one is slowly dying at an ever increasing rate :)

    Did a little mining on first day and found a decent (I think) resource of lysterium, got just over 5k worth of ore out of it. It's got me hunting for more ore now :)

    Maybe I'll see you in game soon

    My ingame name is

    Karese Lurch Necromunger
    Hey I met you at GO3 you said msg you here if you wanted help starting up etc etc so im gonna have a look around the game and when you have time you can show me and my friend i was with around.
    Lol yeah die hard EF and EU Junkie like you , hope you travelled up the Valley OK :) Regards xaph ;)
    It seems you and I have another mutual friend, Mylcat. I spoke with him last night. The world gets smaller and smaller doesn't it?
    Hay bagman
    (jagger) ps. still would like your thoughts on the thing we talked about cheers:yay:
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