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    Connection lost x10

    No crash, but timeout at login. No way to login, my internet connection is up an running too.
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    New NVIDIA Drivers (Version 280.26)

    Doh, gray neck is gone bug on GTX460 installing latest beta drivers, 285.38. I'm pink again!! :)
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    New NVIDIA Drivers (Version 280.26)

    Confirmed, I have the "gray neck" problem on GTX460, not on GT9800, so it stinks as driver bug, to me. But no CTD ever :)
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    Access to ongoing auction data

    Actually, I knew that was using a stream with last closed auction... provided by MindArk directly IIRC.
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    Planet Calypso - The Next Chapter

    Is there anyone left at SDS? :)
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    Where does lag and bug peds go?

    Oh, and. They FIXED the extractor bug, and they didn't even have the "courage" to mention it in the VU log. Claps, MindArk, claps.
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    Entropia Universe 11.10.4 Release Notes

    LOL not being mother-tongue, I sometimes miss the mood of the posts :) :beerchug:
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    Where does lag and bug peds go?

    Sadly, we have no answer. And we never will, we know. The only thing we could do is stopping playing until these were fixed, and we all know it's not feasible. The system is bigger than us :)
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    Entropia Universe 11.10.4 Release Notes

    While it's true that Planet Calypso is sleeping without any plan to wake up :), if you talk about missing prizes and events, have a look at Planet Arkadia first. They did them.
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    Entropia Universe 11.10.4 Release Notes

    For PP that's sure (read that on Arkadia forum). For MA itself I think they may encounter problems in production with some patches, so they reserve the "right" to publish afterward. Not very ortodox, but understandable.
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    Entropia Universe 11.10.4 Release Notes

    Same MA policy, they post updates AFTER the system goes back online, because they're not sure 100% of what got into the patch.
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    Entropia Universe 11.10.4 Release Notes

    Mining fixes? I understood that extractor behaviour is the way they meant it to be, now. Still considered a bug?
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    Servers are down

    I gave up. Are you sure that extractors now is NOT the way it's meant to be now? I thought it was this way from now on.
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    My thoughts on new planets and it's developers.

    I PP get involved in this, I think that a solution integrated in EU would be advisable, at least for Global screenshots and data feeding. A dream, isnt' it?
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    after this vu

    So what? Mining has been bugged for 10 days, you hunters can be bugged for some days too :) Then it will be crafters turn... and then again miners! ;)