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  • congaaaaa :D I will log in to say hello soon :D my butt is still jobless! :p

    Good to hear you are playing again.
    HAHA .. I help break my EU addiction with EF.
    I'm not sure how much of a justification that is. :ahh:
    I know what you mean about broke. fyi : my biggest loot is still from the old days. :laugh: :cussing: :dunno:
    But, I've logged on a few times over the last 2 weeks... to talk in soc chat, stand around, get killed in twin ring and pk. (sadly, that's in their respective orders lol)
    But - it's super super eco !
    Ok .. it's only eco cuz I know I'm not gonna get paid for it. haha :rofl:
    Sarge has been on lately when I logged on to say hi - I even managed to hunt a lil - was fun.
    That reminds me .. I need to go say hi to dwiftoh. :D
    Anywho ... tag, you're it !
    :wave: :hug:
    You're always free to stalk meeeeee !!
    We'll have to yahoo so I can pwn face on some dominoes :D

    later edit - I just saw a buncha posts by you in our pyrates forum.


    I miss old days :(
    haha - you do !
    I'm here a whole hell of a lot more than EU :silly:
    It's good to see you're alive and kickin' babe - I was just wondering about you, yesterday.
    You must have been picking up my vibes :D
    Ok then - get on Yahoo sometime and we'll go pwn face.
    Deal ?
    Ok - now that that's settled .. how's your winter ?
    It just snowed for the first time yesterday and I'm already tired of it. It's only like .25 inch - but still - I'm in the desert.
    Shoo, cold-ass snow.
    Anyway .. I just don't play EU anymore much .. I'm on a hiatus of sorts. I hope everything is ok. Sorry logged on so many times to try to get a hold of me .. awww you <3 and miss me !!
    Take care hon ! :hug:
    I left you a pm back .. I guess this time you're too busy to respond.
    lol - I hope all is well with you, Jeremy.
    Happy Holidays sweetie ! :hug:
    Damn it - I think I missed you by like 10 minutes.
    By the time I responded - you had already left, but EF showed you still logged on.
    Ok - you can tell .. I don't play EU much or use EF much anymore - so you tell ME sometime in the coming days, what day and when you're going to be on.
    I'll plan to be here :)
    I hope I see you soon !
    If you're talking about my avatar .. it's not EU :p.

    Hi Jeremy !!
    OoOOOoO I've missed you so much !!
    Do you love the new town or what ? :)
    I miss hearing you laugh .. :cry:

    I'll hopefully see ya soon ! :hug:
    I miss you !!
    Nicky left too - so both of your happy faces aren't here to make me smilez !! :cry:
    I hope everything is going great in the new town ! xoxo
    Hope to talk to you soon !
    No problem mate. I actually posted in my thread instead of actually sending you a PM or anything. xD

    Hopefully you're a fan of Nine Inch Nails: Trent Reznor! xD
    Anyways, here is your sig Sir. =D

    Hey stranger !!
    Miss me ?? :D
    I missed ya a little .. I'll admit it !! :ahh:

    We finally got settled enough to hook up the internet at the new house - and it's slow as fuck, I'm not gonna lie.
    We went from 7.0 to 1.7 ? I'm not sure what that means - but I can tell that it's crapass connection when I'm in Twin :laugh:
    How are things on your end of the world ??
    Did you steal my tower yet, you hof slut ? :D
    Ok I hope I see you soon - either here or EU or Yahoo !! :hug:
    I said Awesome twice in the last post.
    Not so awesome.

    12 days to Moab .. so crazy, huh.
    Havent been on much lately - so haven't seen you - hope yo'ure fabulous :D
    It's been really awesome to see you lately, my dear Conga :D
    I love how you have your oldschool avatar.
    Awesome !! :hug:
    Hey stranger ! Congratz on the job - omg that's huuuggee !! We have 42 days .. or 6 weeks .. or 1008 hours til we move! :rofl:
    Things here are crazy - I've only played a total of an hour of Entropia in the last few weeks or so :eek:
    I may log on tonight - but I say that every night - then if I do log on, as soon as I get in-game and I just wanna leave .. :rolleyes:
    I hope everything is going awesome ! Did you have to move away from Mom? How do you like the new job ?
    I'm gonna get a job when we get settled in Moab. It's kinda cool because I used to want to get a job for money, but now with Gary getting his own restaurant, I don't have to .. I just want to :D
    Ok babe - take care - I hope I talk to you soon !! :hug:
    Hi my sweet Conga !!
    It's 7 pm on Tuesday - I'll be logging in sometime tonight - I hope you're there !!
    We'll have to hook up on Yahoo at one point - so we can arrange a time to go pwn some faces together.
    i <3 u !
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