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  • Hi m8, and thx for the welcom msg. unf for me im one of the unlucky ones who has the rig to run VU10 but keeps getting d/c upon login. check out the system requirements echo...this might be your prob as well..
    Just read your post about the fires :( Wishing you all the best.
    Hope you all stay safe and well. sending you all my best wishes and virtual hugs :hug:
    Feel bad that there is nothing I can do to actually help :(
    hey echo..
    dropping by another time.
    It's going good with me.. and yeah im still alive! :D:D:D
    to bad i still don't have time to get on EU.
    been getting some fame around here making music.
    and the money is coming in :)

    i did broke up with my girlfriend recently..
    pfew women.. they are some difficult creatures.
    id rather battle a thorifoid instead of a women :S
    nah.. things just didnt work out :)

    by the way..
    when is the next nAn meeting?!?
    and are you coming aswell?
    i mean.. i would love to be there and hang out with the good old buddies i have.

    greetings! and to everyone else around in the house :D
    Merry Christmas and I look forward to a new year full of success and continued friendship in 2009. Thanks for all your support during the year and I am proud to have you on my friends list.
    Nice to her from you...she is as crazy as ever rofl....
    She has asked how you are doing a few times and now I can at least let her know you are ok :)
    hope to see you soon
    hows you ;)
    and ur daughter?

    just checking up a bit, hope to get back in the online bizz soon!

    Hiya Echo :)

    I haven't seen you in awhile so I figured I'd pop on here and drop you a hello. How've you been?
    Hey echo the texas trip was timed very badly. My friends house in houston wasnt damaged at all but there was lots of houses badly damaged in his neighborhood. trees down no electricity. was just the icing on the cake. ill be back home maybe tomorrow, but i dont know for sure. im currently in El Paso Texas atm. Heading for arizona and then home :) Trip from hell is an understatement. gettng ready to leave nowso i gotta go laters.
    I'm back in EF Read, see the photos and comment my vacations in Greece!
    Just saying a big howdy from my desk at lunch. Seems like a good time to read the forum and touch base with friends!
    Read my summer-thread here...

    Have a great summer hon. .see ya in September !
    Anytime Xaph people need to be more thoughtful about how they treat eachother. Just because we use a virtual world doesnt mean that the words from others here dont hurt IRL.
    Hey Echo thanx for the kind +rep, yeah youngs need nurturing.
    Even tho I'm a bloke I got a Mummy and Daddy inside :D
    Damn this is why I said to send me an I wonder who ended up with your clips then.....glad I didnt send anything too juicy.
    Hey ;) Just checked - no res clips in my email. :cry:
    Any idea when you're gonna pass those along ? :D I'm just wondering cuz I'm about to begin the production, if you can't send them for some reason, it's ok I do have the old clip, so it's ok if something came up.
    Let me knoooowwww :)

    *hour and a half later edit* I'm gonna go ahead with what I have - thanks for the offer of help, dear!
    what have you done? lol heard you had a good hof a couple of days ago. Gradz!!!!! No one is killling me at the rig anymore. not even akon. I dont know what to do: giggle
    It is nice for a change. Just how far did you go in making peace? I will refrain from spiders at the rig. Thanks for your efforts. Lost power for 2 days but will be back on tonight.
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