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  • Thank you for the +rep, I'm glad you found the information I posted interesting :)
    thanks for the 0 efd you are really generous and understanding of others problems with using a forum that is far too heavily moderated, keep your nose out of my business unless you have something constructive to offer.
    I hope so. thanks for taking the time with me and helping a forum noob get aquaited with it all.
    I did figure that out but since you posted there, I was replying to you there. Kinda dumb but I'm getting it now.
    Not used to forums. I usually use e-mail and this iw way different. Thanks for all your help and tips so far.
    They're all in order now man :) Hope it helps!
    Ill update whenever new videos are available
    Frankenberry-NBK Legion
    thx a lot mate for your EFD. yup i really hope EntropiaBay can works. i really think it can be an useful tool for the community. Like i said we will not give up.
    LOL! ...

    No worries i ordered a nice Chicara Fishing Stick (L) with 110m range! :D

    I'll have a fresh Ripper n' Salad plate in no time! :cool:

    Do i look like i care about Activity? :scratch2:
    Hey thanks for +rep i wasn't logged in EF ( yes sometimes i do that too :D ) so i dunno how many points ... but thanks for the comment ! :shy:
    Ok, last night I had a series of nightmares. And if I put all of them on top of one another everything blanks out except of that huge tear inside my soul.

    I took a screenshot of my mind and noticed that it may fit here as my background profile pic.
    Alright, so I'm staring at my profile page for like an hour or so but I can't come up with some sort of concept of what this is supposed to look like...

    Right, this will be staying as-is for quite some time then.
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