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  • No problem :) You'll be doing fine. Just like the rest of us (though hopefully better than some ;))
    Yes I did found you after your 2 first posts.
    And we also seems to have birthday at same day - May 31

    Regards Coach
    OMGGGGGGGGGG I LOVE THE MUG!!!!!!!!!!! BTW the photos of the snow are amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!!!!!!
    Thanks. I am having fun and trying to skill up. Hope I do ok this weekend. I should have a photo soon. My husband Tango took one yesterday and we just have to get it switched to here.
    Welcome! We have a fairly interesting and talented group of people here...glad you could join and hope you enjoy your stay!
    Hey Sunshine! :) looking good! Yea Vegas is gonna be GREAT!!! Im really excited for the reunion :)! Godd luck on the Construction!
    Hey girl!!! I am sooo looking forward to Vegas. LOL stll need to book hotel room or find a roomie. hehe. lol Just been so hectic lately. Happy you are loving the game. Now you can see why we are so freaking addicted lol
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