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  • Hey Fallen, My son was here last week and hogged the computer. I don't know how much I will be on this week either, leaving for a week to hike the Appalachian Trail on Thursday. :(
    Appreciate the the Tomatoe rep...
    Cactittorie or Gaspachio :)

    Cheers from OZ :)
    I admire all your great hits, but I know there is tremendous amounts of hard work that made all those hits possible. Do you have any tips for a long time player who played this game as miner, but has lost its way, and it not sure to face the same shame they have before? Anything suggestions will help, and yet again I admire you and all your great talent :)
    Thanks for the Rep:) and you know nothing about Castro or the capitialist American thug and dictator he replaced.
    wow thx for infos - respect :)
    trying to get my solo 4 digit hunting hof since 2 years *hehe*
    Thanks for the REP :) If there are bugs then support will return the items to your inventory wihtout charge... This issues has nothing to to do with bugs, and incompetent careless players "claiming" bugs made me do it... So No Bugs is correct in this instance...
    thanks for the +rep i guess i dont have to say sorry i just did say it was what felt right.
    Thanks for the Rep:)
    But I'm on a mission from God
    to rid the world of
    miserable, malicious. maligning, maggots of malcontent

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