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  • ( Continuation of last comment/reply )

    - Section 2.2
    - Section 2.3
    - Section 3.1
    - Section 3.2
    - Section 3.3

    You have also regularly violated the following as well.

    - Section 2.9
    - Section 2.11
    - Section 2.13
    - Section 2.15

    I do hope you find a way to change Calypto as you keep falling back on agreements and statements ever since your public apology at swamp camp.


    I have warned you previously about use of my profile for our disagreements. I also merely stated another member of the forum was trying to help you and he was a good guy. Upon which you proceeded to flame both my profile and myself in your thread along with many others, with false and exaggerated statements.

    I was not aware that stating another person to be of good character in a public forum breached our agreement.

    This would in turn would then place the violation of the agreement upon you, as you both, slandered me in your thread, and harassed me in my profile, which according to FPC Forum rules is a violation of the following.

    ( see next comment/reply, as it all doesn't fit )
    White dot we both agreed that wed each do our thing and leave each other alone. You asked me to not mention you on radio and in game and you in turn agreed to do same as in stay away from our events and post in forum. At this point we can go back to the way it was. You can mention me in forum as often as you wish and we will express our opinion about your use of the forum on our stations opinion segment. It seems you didnt like the agreement to let each other be alone.
    glad you sold your fap(sk-20) to a great friend of mine even if I wished I had the peds for it on my own hehe
    see rep and you know what I'm talking about ;)
    Going quite well, except for the loot aspect... that's going horribly.
    LOL I was afk and when I got back I saw you'd said hi to me. Sorry if I seemed rude! :X
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