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  • Thanks for the offer but i left the Ex Cons because of 1 person and he is back there.Sp no thanks.
    Gl. To you. :)
    Perhaps I should have been clear in why I'm a DaisyColdFinger fan ... it's the humor that I enjoy. What you did was "assume" that I condone TP and revive killing, which I do not ... perhaps get your facts clear before you run off and start -repping people.
    jelikoz uz stejne nehraju tak je mi nejakej banan ukradenej. At mi ho daji. Prodavam to pres Aukro, aby byla transakce aspon trochu kryta. Chapu ze je tezky nekomu duverovat:) poslat prachy a doufat ze ti neco da. Pomerne casto jsem takhle prodaval pedy Davidovi a Alesovi Ruibarum (mozna znas). Kdybys o nekom vedel byl bych rad. Jinak jsem z Plzne. A nas mentor - Pavel nedostal :)
    Please talk to the owner of the booth to take it. I got an offer for a shop so I turned it down.

    you know, I'm a persistent little mofo, especially if it concerns nakkid feet! :laugh:

    Hey hey :) Gratz your Gfriend from me :)) lol
    anyway, i found a colourer for your Gfriends hat :)
    If you wanna meet him just lemme know :)
    Cheers m8!
    As I said with Kerham, looking for opinions on the tool and maybe some real hunters who might agree.

    Not some moron like you with nothing to say.
    Just wanted to thank you for your post.. I will be posting soon on the thread.. hope to see you again.

    Wooo :), im supprised 43 visits so far a lot of friends and that pretty girl hon3y :), easy way how to make day better
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