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  • Stave, I am not sure why you are obsessed like this - and I don't really care. But I am having a great forum and a lot of people there are working a lot all day, every day behind the scenes to be able to provide people with news as fast as possible. I am not sure why we should give it away and not link to the site and the people who found out first - to give them that credit?
    latest today:

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    @ 15:56
    That's fine. At least you're not dropping the ball like Manticore did with the H-Day event eh? You'll keep running with it....
    Dumb as dirt on a shovel you are.... and real good at being a dip shit while proving it.
    Stave is there any way we can finally find common ground and start over..This whole situation isnt goood for anyone..Would you be willing to discuss a way we can all begin to leave all this bad blood behind. i am willing and would like to start again if there is any way.. please consider talking to see if we can do this.. i believe we can actually make lemonade from lemons.. wiill u Try at least
    "stop whining and get over it, ps you might want to learn a bit of grammar its hard to read what you write"

    will U pay it ? jost joked buy a translator & use it my native lang, btw 1st get enable to use native lang :p
    Talked to Sasha just now and she said you were looking for revives on amethera, if you like I have all fertilizing stations revives ready all fresh since last update, just send me a PM if you want them
    You're not a famous artist in Sweden(as far as I know) so I doubt it will be called art if you would have done it, but true it's not what I call art either was more ment at the moderators title change
    I want the natural mobs appearance back to as I stated several times, I want this game to be unique
    must spread rep blah blah blah
    Thanks sweetie, Merry Christmas to you too, and your family. Still working on getting pc to work and hold up a bit longer for me, can't play games at all though as audio and video are both laggy (best way I can describe it) despite updated drivers etc. Going through a bit of withdrawel, but good for me in the long run, gets me off my ass and doing stuff I need to be doing instead :) Talk soon
    if i use google translate to try and do it, it shows a bit more..but leaves out all images and is completely unformated...yeah its strange....
    hmm they still dont work. I am trying them on several different computers, each of which are on completely different ISP's
    hey is the entropia tours site up? i can never get to any of hte links you post to it. have tried on a few comps.
    I stave.. thanks for the work of the spiderweb map realy great ..!!

    please can you tell me again where and when is the first ETA entropia second AGE TP run ? pl
    I am a finance student writing my master thesis, about EU. i am writing about socs, i would like to interview some of the members of the soc, and i was wondering if you think that you or a member of your soc would want to help me.

    hope to hear from you

    miss master thesis
    hi Stave, may i ask you to change my account donte to donteteora.. i got some problem with activation email accaount.. thanks to let me know if possible.. LOOTIUS guide YOU
    Hi Stave

    I have all tp's on EU and on Amethera I have:
    Emerald Lakes
    New Oxford
    Shinook Jungle
    Solfais Crater
    The Treasure Island
    Oshiri Hearts

    Ty and cya soon :yay:
    I'm more of an "HTML Codemonkey" than a real web designer, but I have plenty of free time and would be happy to help. Not the best at generating graphics either :/
    Hey you! There be mutated chirpies in town! Get your guns ready (and don't forget the Zep!) :)
    Hi stave can u link me the info about how the meeting went?
    Or are you still working on that,

    several ppl are asking.

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