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  • Hi there,
    Yay I got my first official friend here! It took four years, but better late than never! :p
    I know you're often busy IRL, but hope to see you shooting some Proterons soon again.
    PS. Check out our official forum :D DS.
    Merry Christmas and I look forward to a new year full of success and continued friendship in 2009. Thanks for all your support during the year and I am proud to have you on my friends list.
    Piiiiiink veeel plezier zaterdag vanuit finland! maak er een leuk feesssie van!!!
    Oh I'm OK. Even though i dont play I still read the forum and try to keep up on things. How's Calypso treating you? Still a Defender?
    I got 477 peds from globals off of Maffoids last night!! can you believe it? MAFFOIDS...
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