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  • Have a wonderful Holiday Season

    Hey there,
    Im just dropping by and leaving this message to wish you the best in this time of the year :)
    I wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and all of your family,
    Have a wonderfull Christmas time, full of joy and with the ones you love the most.
    its ok wildman it was a old soc member of mine i was trying to help out... know one from WD's
    CYA Soon Humbll as I see your Ban has been effected ;)
    Just goes to show you who was right and who was wrong, well I might have been wrong as well but their is differant degrees of wrong!
    hmm no personal attack there. Seems you have deep issues m8 that I don't feel need to be in this forum. You do nothing good for EU Community as a whole so pleas go back to playing WoW! If I was notified prior to this of a mob train the person that did it would have been disiplined but seeing it was you they trained Choo Choo!!
    -rep for you. Personal attacks against me are weak minded and your feeble attempt to have me banned just shows how immature you are. In addition, your leadership skills are seriously lacking, letting members of your society to run mob trains on players for hours on end. Grow up and grow a pair.
    Would it be possible to rent that gun, meaning, lol if you still have it at some point ?
    Hey its Foxy Cleopatra, just dropping in to say Hi!, also i have been thinking bout your offer to join Mod WildD3amons i will try catch up with Della in the next day or 2.
    :) bye
    Ft. Benning eh? I went to basic there. B co 2-47. I miss Sandhill, had some good times back in those days.
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