Skytle Dblood

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  • Hey! Your PM box is full so i'm writting here!

    Just back from work, don't know if it's a good time for you! I can log in tonight if you can too.

    I have some things to do tomorrow at 16-17 MA time... so maybe saturday?

    Cheers Sorg
    You most definately will :) Thanks for the kind words and see you in there :)
    Hiya mate,the Antipodean pom here.Saw u online today briefly and was gonna say "hello" but I got battered by some huge moth wings (sumima).I've added you as a friend but cast me out should you wish.I passed on your greetings to Serica and Jod.:eek:)
    Hey mate.
    Just post details of the server in the private forum under teamspeak channels if you wish.

    Thanks again :)
    Good to see you guys are keen mate.

    Strong support is extremely important to the success of the team and takes a lot of commitment ;)
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