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  • Are we talking about a visitor message, or a post on a thread? If a post, please give link. Thanks
    Go fuck yourself. I don't delete comments. If it was deleted it was a mod who deleted it!
    What about the other coment you deleted? Yea right... that doesnt matter for you because truth hurts.
    Grow up please.
    I also would like to add that Manticore's top 10 most skilled players would very easilly make the top 50 list. We just feel that alienating our lesser skilled players ( who incidently are some of the most honest, easy going, and friendly players in-game) is not only disrespectful to them, but also a "false" identification of who we are as a society and as a tight knit group of friends. Besides.... We know our dicks are bigger anyway!
    Meh... The dude didn't like me commenting on his ridiculously out of form somethinganotherwhatchamicallit in his profile pic. Who cares about in-game pvp when ya jump around like an ass clown and post pictures on the internet hoping viewers will think "wow that's so cool!". Sorry bud, you're way outta form (or whoever is in the avatar pic) is way outta form. Deal with it
    haha it is still quite funny that you think you are so good in PVP, where are Manticore in the top 50 socs? I was in BAHQ, so have fun wasting your money on a game that probably wont be around for much longer.
    Tried to +rep you again for that last message (in noobs arent poor) but have to spread it first.
    I cant say i know what your on about mate, when i post i speak my mind, if you cant handle the things i post thats your problem. for all i care anything ive said can be written in stone because i dont regret any of it.
    I see what you say, and sure it would be nice to follow. thats why I called our courts a week or so ago and asked if MA ever had anything to do with them, which they hadn't. so far so good :)
    you forget that the lawsuits should be under Swedish laws(or EU if you go all the way) and as far as I know it's not that easy to "sue" for things here. This far MA has never been to court here in Sweden(checked that a week or two ago).

    Or can you sue a Swedish company with only offices in Sweden under any other countries laws?(which will affect the company in any way I might add)
    If you can I dont doubt that someone will try or even try here in Sweden but here they wont come far for most things (now go watch Can - Lat hockey game instead ;) )
    Thanks for the offer! We're doing pretty well so far, but I'll definitely look you up. I've created a society for our small group right now, so if you see "Seeds of War" around, that's us. :)
    First visitor message? You should be giving out Peds, that'll drive tons of people in here.

    No stripper pics? Damn it.
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