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  • Thanks for the neg rep.I did Ask for it.. Now ive gone and screwd it up as i have green reps all over and have missed my record by a mile..Thanks for tryin..Smiles
    lol, 'ammonomic', like that word =)
    Yeah, i'll take a little extra decay in return for more speed any day... save my poor fap from a bit of extra usage. Training up MF, pistols, and support atm, but maybe next up I'll give cb13 a go... had to take a break from the rifles, starting to get into the expensive levels... need a little more training in blp tho i think for that one... focused a lot on laser.
    Figured it'd be that badass shotty you're packing in your pic lol, looks like your ready to rob a bank and do some streaking at the same time XD

    Yeah argos I've globalled, so figure taking down 500 should hopefully produce some decent results. This game though, you never really know, should be some alright grinding at least.
    lol. I really did figure the 500 foul or merp wouldve done it, but they've never globalled for me yet, so maybe the argos =P
    Try them out today with the remainder of my ammos... common auction peoples hurry up and buy, buy, buy my junk! XD

    Think i watched about five or six of those Oni guys videos on youtube waiting for stuff to sell, pretty good for a laugh. =D
    Yeah, i could use one right about now lol... days of crap loots and buying lots of weird stuff like areanatrox dolls doesn't help the ped card though. =D
    lol, well that's no global to shrug off though. Beats out one of my Alicinces hofs considerable =)
    Hopefully MA is just setting you up for a Discovery... think I'd probably break down and cry tears of joy if I hit something like that UL 104 amp found not too long ago. Not sure I'd be willing to ever part with something like that though =D
    Damn, yeah I'd definitely need more time in for that offer lol.
    My little hofs haven't come anywhere near an ATH yet =/
    Oh well, something to keep striving for I suppose. XD
    LA would be awsome! Was looking at that one on auction this past week, but right now not such a good idea for me =P
    I figure I'd want about double the cost of the LA to be able at the least, to throw in a tp, change the mobs if need be, and start putting up nice prizes and advertisements for events. Think it'd be fun. I have been saving up parts of Atrax though, and any fertilizers I make just in case. But that's all just a pipe dream for now. XD
    Do you mean 30k ME the old metric system or the new one? Otherise if its 300 ME u need I have it ^^ if its 30k then I'll need at least until tomorrow to get it :).
    Yeah prices really came down. It's all good though I got it for 300, so I can accept if my $30 ends up turning into $10. Sort of waiting to see what happens now with the new owner. Wasn't really in it for resale, just wanted to say I own a little bit of virtual property and not have to pay a fortune for it lol. Plus in a four month span I near maxed out my storage box capacity. Figured at the rate I tend to hoard things it'd be good to have a spot I can drop stuff if I get that full again. (ended up making many sales and spending the past month with my auction slots maxed out). Cheers!
    Cool man, can't wait till I'm a little more prepared for the trip. Still have to head on over to CND though. Bought an appartment and haven't even stepped foot on the land yet lol. Oh well, least I'm prepared for when I'm ready to start mining up there. Cheers, Enjoy Rocktropia!
    yeah noticed poking around in some of Neverdie's spots around Calypso that he's got some good tunes happening... be some time till I've made enough that I'd be willing to spend 80 bombs on a trip there and back, but still looks cool. Thanks for the screenies of it btw.
    lmao yeah but it would make great reading :) hehehe
    well you can always ask for donations and run a betting tab to see how long you will last
    Ah ok. Yeah way overpriced atm, it will come down, and then I will buy one :)

    Just so I can look badass :D
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