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  • Happy New Year Thaddeuss!
    hello Thad, its Suzie Magpie Kidd. I was trying to add our Society to my forum profile and it tells me i am not a member :-( how do i go about fixing this?
    I am a finance student writing my master thesis, about EU. i am writing about socs, i would like to interview some of the members of the soc, and i was wondering if you think that you or a member of your soc would want to help me by answering some questions.

    hope to hear from you

    miss master thesis
    Hey Thad, great videos on YouTube man. I'm "Dreznin" on there - the guy that commented on a couple (pointed out that your weapon video didn't have the gauss).
    yeah better if they are gone and ty but i think the avy is cuter, such a hottie =)
    Thank you my friend ... and it's always nice when you show up to the DJ shows. They will only get better. Oh and ... I can't believe how much your avatar looks like you IRL ... that's amazing. You have always had one of the best looking avatars in game as far as I'm concerned. ;)
    Hey Thad!! :) How've you been doing?

    I'm actually in Texas now, but I may still be able to come, let me know when you guys are getting together; that would be fun :)
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Best wishes and luck for 2009.
    Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.

    All the best

    The Team @ SFE
    Hey mate... nice to "meet" you... ya we're not too far apart at all.. half hour drive maybe... let me know if you ever wanna go hunting or something.. I tend to hang out alot by myself in game, but I have a small group of people I will team with from time to time
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