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    Hey Hey =) thanks for the xmas & new year wishes, sorry for no reply havent been online since...

    Hey Hey =) thanks for the xmas & new year wishes, sorry for no reply havent been online since begginging december =( But a merry Chrissy and new year to you =) Hopefully see you all very soon as soon as optus decides to connect my internet ...
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    Sweating Competition

    Ok I apologize to all who are looking forward to this event, but the rules have changed it does make the competition a little different but the concept is still the same. Please check out the first post of this thread for the changes, or Event Section.
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    Sweating Competition

    lol... show me.. :)
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    Sweating Competition

    Excellent suggestion, I knew most ppl would hit top pull easily, and yes it is run by timeframe the first to pull the max amount wins the round, also I luv CozMoDan suggestion and will be editing the rules soon. If there is no objection from CozMoDan :) Will keep this thread and the event page...
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    Sweating Competition

    Objective Its all about what the mob drops, the idea of the event is to sweat a mob and if you think you have the biggest sweat pulls, take a screenshot and if your screenshot has the biggest pulls you win the round. Each round is worth 50PED and Competition will last for 7 days. Rules...
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    You know you are addicted to PE when:

    OMG this happened to me... I had to catch a cab to work today cause i slept in... 38 bucks the first thing that came to mind when the taxi driver told me the price was 380PED I was dirty that could have been a good run... I ashamed....
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    Strangest Global/Hof

    Love the drama, nice one and grats
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    NextGen Stalkers, bums?

    lol good example Are you high on something?..... Or .... dont matter..
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    Why solid Trees?

    trees work now? :scratch2: damm that means that i have to watch where im going now.....
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    Pet Pyramid Challenge

    lol.... :clap:
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    hungry hungry hippos... :)

    hungry hungry hippos... :)
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    What is your PE monthly budget?

    lol thats how I think about it.... But my monthly budget is around $300 per month.... Depends on a lot of factors but its around that much.
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    Can PE recover from resellers?

    I think from the word go PE/EU has been a rich mans game. Without a capped deposit structure, it will always be a rich mans domain. To relate the above think of it like this.... Why do sporting leagues like soccer/rugby/basketball have salary caps? To avoid one team who happens to have a hell...
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    Show your highest skills

    Ahhh my bad :ahh: will fix it tonight when i get home...
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    beacon questions

    In answer to your question, sorry dont know... But Id thought i say grats on your finds :yay: