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  • You handsome scientist you ... way to go, love the pic my friend, and seeing your face again reminds me of what a wonderful time we had of it while doing the WWW interview when you gave me the other pics. I also love the cartoony pic for your avatar ... too CUTE! ;)
    Hello my dear. Ty for the gratz. I had a lovely BDay with all my friends together and some gifts i loved. It is in times like this i realize I have everything to be happy. And yes, you should put some pics here, why not your ava pic if i may suggest?

    Oh, btw, i like jazz :p
    Hey Aukkie ... put a nice pic in your "profile" area so it shows up on our FL icon. That RL one you gave me for the WWW is a really nice one. ;)
    Hello My Dear Friend ... just popping in to say hello, and hope this finds you well, smiling, and in good spirits! :)
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