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  • I am asking you to please consider contributing to WOF this year. No matter your skill, you CAN contribute!
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    Help America earn Her title Back from England!

    Thanks and Happy New Years! EBO
    Shiny! Firefly, all the way. a huge :thumbup: and "jen duh sh tyen tsai" from a fellow Brown-Coat
    oh but you should seen the whole picture. it's real beautiful... but im not sure it would be ok for this forum ;)
    My question is this: Do the monkeys dance because they are happy that it's raining? ~OR~ Are they performing a raindance, thus it rains?

    dont know if you get some frome my postinmg here, I dont get anything ( well I do get seasick ( monkeysick :D )
    Well I made (as in edited the colours) it, so you get to pick two more colours, otherwise I might just keel over from exhaustrion from making too many of them!
    Hey Dextar you might want to check my profile out again before I change it back hehehehhe
    You could say that Tidesong yes you could definitely say that. BTW here is one of my all time favorite youtube vids River Dance ! Enjoy!


    Dex :cool: :monkey:
    Hmmm Maybe I need one of those warning signs like at the Amusement parks:

    Warning this page not recommended for people who are pregnant or have a heart condition, may cause severe eye strain, dizziness, rickets, the plague and bury bury.

    There that should do it! :D

    How's that MindStar? ;)
    Oh geez ... my equilibrium just went South, BUT ... you DID warn us! I would have to say, SO you ... I like the combination of everything, but I'm afraid spending too much time in here (like now writing this msg) would cause a false positive on my next eye exam! ;)
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