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  • Hi Etopia
    Need to get in contact with you regarding the Musique pants BP, please PM me
    Salut Etopia, as-tu demandé à "daveE dodgy bigboy si il a quelque chose à dire?
    Hi Eto, I need some clothes textured soon. Could we arrange a meeting please? :)
    Hello my friend! I thanx alot to you for reselling my makeupmask-arts. i wish you a good time & take care, cya soon ig ;-)

    bb Petty
    hey Etopia, i have a Silk Line Dark Dawn MiniSkirt (F) i hear that you might want to buy it, please write back to me.

    Sorry, i was watching a movie , guess you was that avatar i saw dancing behind me sometime.I was not really paying attention to game.
    Maybe you will be more luky to catch me next time.
    Hi I was trying to find somone to color some clothing and I heard that you you were the best. I am on right now and see you auto clicking. Gekke reffered me to you. I got the paint and everything. I just dont have the skills.
    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

    Yo you ^^ i havent been online a lot lately so i havent been able to terrorize you with my PMs as usualy ;_;! but dont worry today its friday and i will sureuly get wasted once again and log in! =D kiss n love <3
    Hey Etopia, good idea with the ShopList, indeed I have one for my own, will try to include it to the first post (but it might be reaching its limit). cOloRfUl gReEtiNgS LeeLoo
    when you can not stay polite , explain yourself with image.Poesy alow you to say the worst bad things , but evryone think its nice and noone will ask for any moderation :)
    Heya my friend!!!!!
    Tell me if you come in my town soon !!!!!!
    T'as vu je fais l'effort de te le dire en english, je suis international maintenant ^^
    Just stopping by ... thought I would throw around some purple love over here ... and let you know you're still my favorite fashion guru! ;) Oh ya, and Bitchtropian Extraordinnaire! Luv Ya! :)
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