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  • Have a colorful Holiday, LeeLoo :)

    hey there umm yeah i am kinda looking into it not as most as yet coz im not in game really at the min, but as soon as im back and have got me self a nice outfit or 2 it will be someone i might want.
    the only reson really i have a eye o n this texture is alric showed it too my why i was doing my outfit for the last MC show and i feel in love with it, i just love the way it looks with different colours.
    But again thanks and as soon as im back i might be hitting you bout it and maybe even to get a bit more i know its a very hard texture to come by as the skin dose not drop that often if you can make it i might be able to go out and try get a heap of skin when im back.

    anyways thanks and cya later.
    Thank you hun :) You were one of my favourites out there.. simply gorgeous! Good luck out there :)
    Heehoo Velox Snuggle! Today I managed to get my feet and lower legs horribly sunburned. Tomorrow the kite-surf course starts.
    Servus LeeLoo,

    ja mir geht klasse, bekomme am Donnerstag alle Weißheitszähne gezogen:yay::yay::yay:
    Und wie geht dir so?:wtg:

    Viel Spaß noch.
    Hi dear Leeloo
    been busy in rl and a tiny bit impatient w MA to get their sh** together...my app w all your lovely textures and colors looks like a diaster area.Looking forward to "see" u again on fair Calypso
    cheers peter
    Hey Schnuffi and ty for the nice wishes! :) Hope you have a better day tomorrow. :grouphug:
    Howdy Darlin! :D I'm doing good, game time has been pretty spotty lately, but I'm still around! Hope everything for you is great as well!

    Blackjack :cowboy:
    hey LeeLoo :) Im doing good ty, just busy irl with uni and stuff. How bout you? All good? Take care sweetie
    Thank you :) MS9 always does such a fantastic job with those profiles! Yours is one of my favourite to date :)

    PS: Yes, I have been trying to change certain aspects of my profile for some time, but am receiving constant error codes :(
    Still waiting for Neo to sort it out so I can customize again ;)
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