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  • ... did you REALLY paint that picture with the bridge? now, be honest, Rockchick :D

    I is very, extremely,,completely and utterly drunk. and thank god for spell check because not one of these words looked like this when I typed them in :D
    Wow RC love your paintings! Another way we are like minded souls :)

    Only have two of mine on comp right now, digital camera not working and won't bother using the mobile phone one it's such trash quality lol. Will stick those two up for now anyway, though not good quality photo on one in particular.

    You space looks lovely too btw.
    Unfortunally it hasnt changed. Wish it could, but cant... Confimation for my lil sis that very weekend. Its a once in a lifetime thing for her so I gotta be there!

    Thanks!! And please ignore the "Paris Hilton Lover" statement.. I lost a bet.
    Lookin' pretty cool up in here ... I like visiting profiles that have some personality, and this one sure does. :wtg:
    *checks the link again* Wow, for a moment thought this was MS9's page! XD
    Hehe, having fun poking about everyones profiles now!
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