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  • Yea Im fine thanks, its a bit weird suddenly being in a position where almost everyone around me works by either being a gamer or being in the gaming business. Plus I've never lived in a big city before, but I gotta say I love Gothenburg so far :)

    I have a friend who might be taking work down in Lund in autumn if everything goes his way, so maybe :) Would be cool to see both you and Ace! Its been ages since I talked to him too!
    Ahhh studies. You are excused ;) I hope you're having fun in between the studies. I guess the summer will be crazy for you if you've spent a whole year with your nose down in a book :) Hope the exam went well?
    Well when ingame I use my official avatar, and you know I was much of a socializer (at least in the early years of Skam) before and Im back to being that again now. You can catch me pretty often in Twin. Not on "Skam" though, she's frozen. My new avatar is Hanne Gulbrandsen.

    What I do, well.. to keep it short; I stand for the communication between players and FPC. I advice FPC on community matters and inform the community about whats going on at FPC. I do the blog, news, and update webpage etc etc :)

    Hows life for you these days? :)
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