Forum Transition: Status Update

I don't see the rep I have given out.

Seeing reputation given was one of those "extra features" added on EF that extended the standard forum functionality. I will get that restored to the User CP sometime soon, once the more important features are all working normally.

And the text that is under your avi pic in Settings under "Edit avatar" is white and can't be seen, also the same under "edit profile picture"

Thanks for reporting, the text color will be adjusted.
The rep button looks a bit different now: it is the small star button at the bottom-left of each post.

I see, I found it by holding my mouse over it but the graphic isn't visible for me.
Will it still be possible to have a mobile templet when using a cellphone? Right now the phone just goes to the normal templet :(

A mobile-friendly template will be added over the next few days. Thanks for reporting, I have added it to the list in the opening post.
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I got a black backgroun ... so WOT background ?
Interesting changes.... looks like a lot of work there.
i'm very interested to see the new skins,
IF we get a new skin ofc :)

thx for updating the core, can always use new features and less bugs
Same for me... think there was a thread before the change on senior members...
The links embedded in posts will be addressed, so that the links point to the domain rather than

In some cases this will not work as the location of the subforums have changed or changed name i.e. my signature link had to be redone manually because the subforum it pointed to changed names too.
If you check all the way at the top, next to "log out" it says "Settings", click that :)

Along the very top of every forum page you will see a link to Settings, which is what User CP is now called.

I must say that i hate the "Settings" link, I hate the name and the position... may i suggest that we have the old "User CP" link back, right next to "Home".

Edit: the multi-quote button doesnt show until pressed.
Edit2: nvm, its ok now
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Several more user-selectable templates with different backgrounds will be added in about a week or so.
My 1st post on the new site :yay: Welcome everyone.

The BG pic is a slight bit wide, giving me a horizontal bar.
Several more user-selectable templates with different backgrounds will be added in about a week or so.

Can we please have the old templates please? My eyes are bleeding and they won't stop. Besides I don't like changes and it would help me ignoring this one :evilking:
I subscribe to this as well :)
Also in list of Currently Active Users, Some names are white-on-white. Kinda hard to see. :D

If there's a better location to list PCF bugs than this thread let me know. Still getting my bearings.
Will take some time to adjust to the new forum, but looks good so far
Where is the config now for "What's new?"

Some time ago 711 implemented the most useful tool back then on EF. BTW: Is this now PCF??????

Nevertheless: The possibilities to choose what new posts from which forum would be displayed when pressing the old "New Posts" link now names as "What's new?"

However this extremely helpful tool for avoiding most of the useless sub forums seems to either not have made the transition or I cannot find it, because I now see stuff from "forum games".

a) If it is there, where?
b) If it is not there, when it is coming back, I don't want to wade again through 15+ pages after 24h of useless bs.

Pretty plz and tks.
As a Modified Member I still have my 1500 limit, but having that cut would be very annoying so I support your cause!
I scrammed the reactor before the brainwipe. Not palatable, but it worked.
Looks like a good transition, hoping everything else goes smoothly.

I'm guessing that the Rep Star (under ava pic) was an extra.
I'm also guessing it's low on the priority list to return to that general style. :silly2:

Here's to the forum! :beerchug:
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Awesome job 711!! Keep up the great work!! :yay:
Yeah reminds me of the first time I tried Windows Vista and everything I wanted to do was moved or renamed in Control Panel.

I suppose I'll adapt but if theres any way for the old EF skin..... then I'd choose it. :)
Red blue grey - what does it mean?

What do the red blue and grey envelopes mean in front of each thread?

And why can I double click on them to have lock appear? :D However this lock isn't permanent, hehe. It just shows the icon with the lock.

Bueller or anyone?
the background is not working well and the rep star is invisable :(

i got my background back and things are working like suppose to again:yay:
great job 711!

what do I do? what do I do? what do I do?

where did stuff go?

You ment that?
That would be really nice. Maybe with current server capacities, a new limit for all members would be possible, like 400 pms.
Yeah I'm at 100% and as I was previously at 96%, I dont fancy deleting 100's of PM's at the moment.

Not much notice was given after all.