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  • And who could possibly be hurt by your donations to new players?
    Mabey folks that sell cars..Mabey folks that want litnsers from other stations.mabey folks that want attention. There are folks that cant stand to not be in yourv postion. many reasons why some folks may be hurt
    Thanks for the EFD and the Rep. Graphic work is something that I play around with for fun from time to time. I lightly play around with Photoshop CS4 as it seems to be a little more noob friendly than the competitor's software. Good Luck!
    I make a simple mistake and try to defend myself and I'm the troll? give me a freaking break. Nobody is perfect. Great way to get me back ingame. :rolleyes:

    Just leave me in peace, I don't want anything to do with you all any further.
    I left Entropia,

    No longer interested in dealing with the casino component of this place in how it rewards people.

    In reality and as proven by many discovery, HoF & ATH threads, it is a random jackpot to a greater degree.

    I guess you could say I finally woke up to this after 3 years.

    It is a shame, but you never know,
    I may win lotto and come back for a gamble.
    Happy New Year to you :yay:
    Please help us find some fare justice - click this link New Oxford Shops - Please comment on the thread and support us.
    Merry Christmas and all that good stuff !
    Mixed up "official" with "open" forums :D I ment its not needed to be made official etc... Damn my english early in the morning :)
    thanks for the rep:) I thought I was being rather kind considering my real feelings... for this group... and their expressed feelings for me

    Hey Luke!

    We're starting to miss you. Where've you gone? :)
    This is supposed to be a secret, but I think Bendie misses you the most :)

    Almost killing dessa from tower posetion isn't exactly a uber.
    To qoute dessa "i wase afk for a sec"
    Rumor hase it if you say dessa 7times in the mirror with a carrot in your hand dessa will pk you within 3 seconds be warned.
    Btw can't even start to say what happens if you say dank 7times.
    Good Morning ;)
    Luke, why don't you post your newest addition to your Tower-list in the Uber forum. Would be nice to see ;)
    To bad you lost the election but guess it will be next run.
    But the voting machiens must have being tampert with.
    Im still trying to prove it but you know how all that works.
    (be afraid dank is watching and bruud hase his finger on the button now)

    Moonbiter for president!
    More like 20k worth ;) And well, if someone is going to rent out his stuff just like that to a complete stranger, he doesn't deserve to have it in the first place...
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