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Oct 26, 2007
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Jehu Da King
Much respect to the standard SIB charts from Solaris.

However, I found myself using his chart as a starting point and then having to look at a couple other things from entropedia and elsewhere.

So I set out to make a nice looking chart with all the basic info needed to maximize the SIB system at a glance.

What is included:
1. The starting SIB level
2. The max SIB level
(having both of these shows the item SIB range which is extreamly important)
3. The Dmg/sec for weapons.
4. Updated images of the VU10 items

SIB = Skill Increase Bonus
Certain items give extra skills for increasing durations of professional levels. Using SIB items gives faster skill gains and thus faster professional leveling. Maxed SIB items are also good choices for economical gameplay because you are getting the most use/pec.
(Non-SIB items require 100 levels to get the max use).

Here are the major weapon systems:
I will add more charts for other items if these seem useful to others.
Look for new SIB threads to start in appropriate locations once I begin charts for other the professions.

Laser Carbine:

Laser Pistol:

BLP Rifle:

BLP Pistol:

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nice work, ill be referencing this a lot.

Ok thats it!!...I just have ask the dumb question :mad:

Explain "SIB"
1: what is it?
2: How does it work?
awesome charts +rep

one thing you say dmg/sec your charts say dmg/pec
confused me for a sec till i read thread lol

and blp pistol not carbine

great work
Ok thats it!!...I just have ask the dumb question :mad:

Explain "SIB"
1: what is it?
2: How does it work?

SIB means Skill Increase Bonus.
This means that if you had one weapon with SIB, and another without, you would get more skills with the one that had the SIB, as the one without.

SIB can be yes, never, not yet, not anymore.

Why SIB is so important, is because of when a weapon is 'maxed', in other words, what level you can handle the weapon most efficient.
For each item that says 'never' with SIB, you need professional level 100 to be most efficient with it.
For items that do have SIB, you can see the chart when the SIB starts, and when you are most efficient with it (usually, when the SIB is 'not anymore')
So, that means for the sollomate opalo, you can already use it as best as you can at level 5, instead of 100, which can save a lot of money, compared to say a jester D1, the previous starting weapon.
Awesome charts, keep up the good work!
Well done mate, good work :yay:
nice work...
+rep man :thumbup:

BTW please change the title BLP carabine to BLP pistol, please :ahh:
nice chart ;) handy and very clear

Very nice. always like the old charts just for the fact i could save it and be able to check at a glance. Melee weapons next :D
wonderful and very easy to read with all the info you need

+rep :yay:
Nice graphs :)

Though please rename "Max SIB" and "Min SIB" to "Max level for SIB" and "Min level for SIB" as it's pretty confusing IMO just by looking at the graphs.

Nice looking charts. These seem like a nice easy reference, and up to date :)
Thanks for all your work on these charts.
they are much easier to read and with more info than other charts.


and call for sticky :D
Great work, can't wait to see the rest!

- Changed the error from "Dmg/pec" to accuratley read "Dmg/Sec"

- Upgraded resolution from 150 to 300 for crisper image.

Thanks to all for the rep and EFD :ahh:
Nice to see something you worked hard at be well received and useful to others!

(I have to get ingame and take advantge of the current 2X skills too ;))
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Update #2

- Added melee: longblades and shortblades charts
Great job! Love the charts. :yay:
Well done, mate!

Do you plan on adding charts for the power fists?
Exceptional work....I'll be referring to these often
I plan to add the following charts soon:

Melee Longblades

Melee Shortblades


Ore Finders

Matter Finders


+rep for ur work, and what about the rocket nd grenade?
Min level, max level seems... clear, dmg/sec is probably when maxed out?

What shocks me is that some SIB are worse than other, compare the Breer m4 with the montgomery.... never realized that...