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  • Best Wishes for the New Year hun xxx

    Nå kommer jeg meg ikke inn heller, f................... he he, vi prøver på nytt, og på nytt seffern! Sees straks håper jeg:evilking:
    Jeg er straks på! Skal bare pakke litt julegaver 1st, så jeg er ferdig med det:)

    Julen , julen, julen den er her...................

    You have trolled me, baited me - I went away a few hours to review and ignore - and in retrospect it's still a massive trolling. Tell me you're sorry for overreacting, please.
    hahaha you would give me efd to do that;D well you know what the deal is you pay up or i come after you;) its protection service for your new avatar;D lol
    I know that I'm not leaving Calypso. Probably ever. I have fallen in love with the sights and sounds of the planet.

    I hope that the future is bright for Calypso at least. I think that FPC should really start getting in touch with the playerbase and asking us what we want to see in the game. That's THE way to keep people in the game. They can't just guess about what we want. :p
    I hope that Calypso gets stuff like that as well. Seasons and weather. I would have a happy heart attack. :D

    And pets... I want pets! I never got to see them cause I joined after VU10, but I want more functionality than what I heard about. EU has so much damn potential, they just need to realize it because we have already.
    :D Thank you.. feel free to do a rep run my way anytime :D

    PS: Gorgeous profile pics!
    I enjoyed it, but EU is just plain better. Mostly what I enjoyed in Borderlands was the artwork.
    God that would be awesome. Something about her reminds me of the game Borderlands. LOVE that hair. And the goggles.
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