Seeking ambassadors in Austin, TX.


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Oct 27, 2007
Entropia Universe Ambassadors for the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX :yay:

Mindark's US Rep. John Bates invites Entropia participants to join us for a few days as Entropia ambassadors at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX March 13-15, 2009.

Load in from 10:00-1:00pm March 13th
Show times: Friday March 13 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturday, March 14 from Noon to 6:00pm
Sunday, March 15 from Noon to 6:00pm

A good knowledge of Entropia is required and a positive attitude about meeting people and demonstrating some of the basics of Entropia. We will have a computer gaming space that we'll be exhibiting in, and there will be folks from the interactive, music and film industry we will want to be meeting, as well. Preference will be given to people who have experience in these other areas, as well as Entropia Universe. If you are able to explain to people why they'd like Entropia Universe and explain the opportunities of being a planet partner or otherwise being involved with MA, all the better. We are looking for both male and female ambassadors of all ages.

PLEASE remember to include the following information in your application: Personal/Contact details - including cell phone and how far you are from Austin - ie, 10 minute drive, inexpensive flight, expensive flight ;)
In-World avatar info.
A recent photo and a short introductory letter about why you would make a good ambassador for Entropia.

Send your application to and cc - so I can follow up on your submission.
We will then contact you with more details.

PS, we are definitely going to give preference to people in, or very close to Austin, so let your EU friends there know.

Looking forward to seeing you there! :wtg:
Oh this one would be easy...I'm in Houston...maybe a three hour drive...if that far from I'll send in an application for me and Travis...:)
The stars at NIGHT... are BIG and BRIGHT....

Hook'em Horns!!! :headbang:

Watch out for the BS, John. It can get pretty deep in Austin. ;)
ouch 11 hour drive, 756 miles away for me :eek: hehe would have to definitely fly there but I have been meaning to check Austin out I have heard its a pretty cool place. :)
Good news for those who live near Austin I guess :)

This sounds like fun. I could stay at my brothers near there. Will have to think about it for sure...
Okay I actually sent off my application...woohoo!!
well i certainly can't drive to austin, but i doubt you're ever gonna get any closer to south carolina, so i've applied anyway.

i've been to SXSW before, it's an awesome time. if anybody is thinking it would be fun to go to one of these shows, you can't beat having a shiner bock on 6th street after standing around at a booth all day.

can't be that expensive to fly from charlotte. here's crossing my fingers. :wtg:
@John, it might actually be worth having non-ambassadors around as well...nothing says interesting than having 50+ people who are not wearing official t-shirts jabbering excitedly about something.

Curiousity saved the cat an' all that ;)
AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! SXSW? DAMMIT!!!!! And I'm stuck here in Korea!!!!
I live about 30 minutes from Austin but Im stuck in this miserable country and probabaly wont get home before November. Now thats just lame.

Please, please, please MA, do it again next year!!!!

Blackjack :cowboy:
W00t application sent!!! Only a 3 hour Drive!!!! *cough* previous ambasasdor *cough*
How much will you pay me not to go to the convention, log in to my laptop, and do a 1000 bomb mining run in full view of prospective players? :p

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Born and raised in Austin - Been to the notorious South by So What many times.
Guess Ill apply and help with my awesome mentoring tips :)

Yeah, good to see new ambassadors coming online... and Texans at that....:yay:
Soooo anyone wanta be my roommate??? lol
You have a problem finding a roommate in Ft Polk???

Things sure have changed since I was stationed there then... :silly2:
Roflmao, No!!! A Roomie in Austin!!!

btw Fort Polk, Is the worst place in the world isn't it?? lol
i can honestly say i have been to worse places..

the mud there is one thing i DO NOT miss :p
lol gotta love red clay!!!!
John, is this announcement and request for ambassadors only open for members of Entropia Forum?

I can find no mention of this on the EF or PC sites, unless I am missing something. I cant see anything on the EG site either?
whoa just saw this...and i just happen to live in austin :yay: woot
by the way for those that's coming and loves sushi come to my sushi bar Maki Toki so i can deposit some more and still pay my peeps on time hehe jk:D
hmmm...I'm in Mongolia can I participe? :D
Well.... I'd offer to fly down from Canada however, unfortunately I'm not allowed in the United States anymore...... So it wouldn't be a good thing to have one of your "Ambassadors" arrested by the U.S. Dept. of National Def. in the middle of a "big sales pitch". :laugh:

But if you ever decide to go to Toronto... I'll throw my hat into the ring ;)
Hmmm only a 3 hour drive; that is, if I don't move before then. I'll know by the end of next week whether I'm moving to D.C. so if I stay here I may apply.

We might meet up, after all, Navada :D
@John, it might actually be worth having non-ambassadors around as well...nothing says interesting than having 50+ people who are not wearing official t-shirts jabbering excitedly about something.

Curiousity saved the cat an' all that ;)

perhaps you should look into this a bit more before telling MA how to do it. They have been asking people to be ambassadors all over the world for quite some time now and it seems to be great fun for all involved. And there is no 'uniform' to wear, your still a customer not an MA employee. You go as an informed player, informing non players. Pretty simple
i live in spain but i just happened to be at austin just last sunday !! :laugh:

it would've been pretty cool to combine my current biz trip with an EU event. well, my english sucks anyway, so i guess i don't qualify as ambassador for non-spanish events anyway...