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  • MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! i miss you all ingame haha. wish i could play :(. no comp at home yet :(. hopefully soon though. hows things going ingame? and irl. hope all is well.
    Thx for the efd Mom! A nice suprise when I logged in :)

    Cheers & may lootius be with you! =)
    I'm going tell you why we need vehicles. We need them to run over other avatars and crash into buildings and mobs :D
    Depending on the vehicles they'll gives us and depending on how much they cost. I'll get one just to create chaos all over Calypso :D
    Hey Danielle, I've handed off the poop I had to Hijacker to hand off to you, seemed like the easiest solution.

    P.S. - I appreciate your sense of humor :D
    I wish people would go make some friends and not leave hate msg's for people. It's just sad, really. :rolleyes:

    Hellraizer - I couldn't care less if you appreciate a damn thing I do - let alone, my sense of humor. I've tried to be cordial to you in the past, but you don't. I'll let you know when I give two fucks what you think about me or my sense of humor. :handjob:

    I didn't judge you by your one post, I judged you by many posts, where you bash my society.

    I find it ironic that YOU are telling me not to judge someone by one action. But you can't get over your moronic friend's issue with a Pyrate - a YEAR later. :rolleyes:
    Hypocritical, much ? :naughty:

    As said in my PM - leave my profile messages for the many people who are my friends.

    jackass reference - his 'looking for a society' thread.
    yeah thx for your rep... i don't appreciate your level of humour.. maybe you you don't judge a person by a single post.. your happy family maybe just that but your soc members represent you, i'm happy in life and i hope you learn that not everyone is like you, jeeez you guys show your true colours real easy.
    Herro mom ! How r u, saw u ingame last night but was stuck in trade :p <3
    Hey Danielle! I was going through my storage tonight, I have a present for you - some dung, if you want it.
    I just noticed, your apartment is directly under mine by 2 floors! ZOMG
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