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  • it was for the last paragraph....i was saying i agree with it the most...i gues it looks like i agree with all but it...but yeah...the last pararaph i couldnt agree with more :)
    You are welcome.
    Just you keep posting these things that are plain stupid.. I have never even heard about you ingame, its like you are just on this forum and coming up with random ideas.
    Bye Bye was interresting to read your posts, now I have it too much. You won, 1st person on my ignore list :)
    I lost you there... what did you mean by "write off for CE2 development"? =)

    Do not post in my message center again!!! It will be considered abuse!!!!!!!!! Back on ignoreyou go!!!!
    If YOU had a clue and actually read anything you'd know I DON'T follow the herd and am not an MA basher. If you had this happen to you you'd know it's NOT due to incompetence. You really need to keep your BS comments to yourself! At times you can post some good and worthwhile comments. Seems though the majority of the time you comment without thinking or knowing. :( As in this case!
    Many of the ppl that complain have endured so many nerfs it'd make your head spin. Skills, amps, weapons, and their overall value of items and investments go to hell. They, as well as me want MA to succeed. We're not though just fan boys without a clue harrassing other players here on EF and continually making statements we know nothing about!
    You're the only person I've ever put on ignore in this forum in many years. I took you off and one of the first posts I read is your bashing another player yet again!. You could be a good part of this community but you seem to not want to be, back on ignore you go.
    well, I have not seen anyone proposing even a vision of how to make it much more fun without ruining the investments of many or devaluate the virtual values that we have built up... other than that, yes they can do something. but I do not believe in miracles :D actually, I hate to be right in what I told you...

    when you start actually playing the game maybe then you can post on here until then go find a new hobby you boring sad little old hag ignored from here on in
    so let me get this straight??

    You going into a thread that has nothing to do with anything other then a webiste design..and telling people that they are a "bunch of whiny losers."

    THAT isnt harressment??

    You need medical help.

    Your karma meter is running a little low. Im pretty sure your rep thats tanking proves it.
    WHAT? I really don't think you have a clue of what you are talking about. Look simple, if you verbally attack people, you deserve a -rep. I commented once on you for a good post, but could not give a +rep. I would have, but unfortuanely before I could you again spouted off deserving another -rep. Forum is much better without the negativity that you constantly spew.
    giving you a -rep for your condescending and inflamatory posts isn't harrassment. It's in line with the rules of rep giving. You should read them, then perhaps you would know much of what you do is in error.
    Hey hun, lol you still give every one a hard time lol hehehe good shit keep it up hun lol
    Looks like a lot of threads with you in it or the thread title get locked at the moment. Pity I can't + rep you again just yet.

    I don't agree with everything you say, but hey you know how to make people react to what you say, gotta love that!
    Boy you did a job on poor eggroll. He doesn't like you. Don't loose any sleep over it. ;-)
    Some people do not like looking into a mirror.
    But mirrors are an precious tool nonetheless.
    You are an mirror for some people.
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